Artist & Craft Artist Insurance

Protect the value of your craft with the quality it deserves.

The Master Policy

For you, as individual artists and craft artists purchasing coverage, the policy extends liability insurance at your home or studio premises and at exhibition sites. Further, it provides full product liability coverage for items you have sold.

The business property portion of the policy offers coverage usually excluded by your homeowner policy. It protects your own equipment, supplies and finished work on an "all risk" basis. This means that unless the circumstance of loss or damage is excluded, it is automatically insured. Typical exclusions include but are not limited to: wear, tear or gradual deterioration, unexplained disappearance, inventory shortage, or employee dishonesty.*

* For a complete description of coverage, please refer to the Commercial General Liability policy and Business Property policy terms and conditions.

Qualifying locations

Like the universe, we're always expanding but, for now, you'll need to be residing in one of the following states to qualify for the program:


If your state is not listed, send us a note to get it or advance it in the queue. We appreciate it!


Any artist or craft artist who lives or maintains a working premises (shop or studio) in any of the eligible states may purchase the insurance (see "Qualifying Locations" above). Spouses and resident relatives of the artist or craft artist are covered at no additional charge. Employees, associates, and apprentices are not covered, but may purchase insurance of their own.

Effective date

This is a master policy that runs annually from October 1st to October 1st, but you may join at any time (premiums are pro-rated starting January 1st). Applications submitted via this application (website) are effective upon confirmation of payment.


The policy will expire each year on October 1st regardless of the date you enrolled and therefore requires annual re-enrollment. There is no auto-renewal for this policy.

Filing a claim

Please notify us as soon as possible within 30 days of the date of loss (14 days if you are sued).


Include all relevant facts such as where, when, and what happened. Include a list of items stolen, damaged, or destroyed, and a copy of the police or fire report (if applicable).

We will then confirm the value of your loss and assist as necessary to assure that your claim settlement is both prompt and fair.

About usThe short story

Zinc Insurance has been supporting the arts in Northeast Ohio for many years. So when a well-established program supporting artist insurance needs was looking for a new home, IFA was built, an application all its own, by the craftsmen at zinc.

Zinc is proud to be the new caretaker of the insurance needs of artists country wide with a program designed to be reasonable and practical. Affordable, high-quality, hand-crafted insurance, now easier than ever to acquire.

Frequently asked questions

You have your choice of three limits of liability and six property amounts. You must choose one limit for liability and one for property. You also have the opportunity to increase your transit and exhibition coverage via the optional endorsement. Increasing your coverage limits may be done at any time after enrollment.

Your deductible is the amount that you are responsible for paying in the event of a loss before the insurance company pays its portion. Depending on coverage level, deductibles under an IFA policy will range between $500 and $2500.

For details on specific coverage level options and pricing, use our quote calculator.

Each property option has a per-item maximum. This means that for each individual item damaged in your loss, the insurance company will pay a maximum dollar amount. For example: if you purchase option #1 for property ($10,000) and a windstorm causes damage while you are at a show knocking over several of your art pieces, the most the insurance company will pay is $1,000 per piece of artwork and no more than $10,000 for the entire loss.

For specific per-item limits and pricing, use our quote calculator.

Some of the shows and exhibitions in which you participate may require proof that you carry liability insurance. We will issue your Certificate of Insurance as evidence of coverage (free of charge) as many times as necessary during the policy term, including listing the show as an Additional Insured if required.

Once you purchase your policy right here on the site, you'll be able to generate your own certificate for printing or saving on your personal computer.

Upon payment of a policy, the premium is 100% earned. This means that unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund for early cancellation.

Yes. Each property coverage has a $5,000 transit limit and $10,000 exhibition limit (exhibition includes any off-premises location) with the option to purchase an additional $5,000 in transit and $15,000 at exhibitions.

This policy does not cover your building; only your contents inside! It doesn't provide coverage for your business auto, workers compensation, employee dishonesty or loss of business income*.

* For a complete description of coverage, please refer to the Commercial General Liability policy and Business Property policy terms and conditions.

The Insurance For Artists Program has been found to suit the contractual requirements of many landlords, but it depends on the landlord’s specific insurance requirements. To find out if the program fits your landlord’s insurance requirements, please email a copy of the leasing agreement’s insurance requirements to hello@zincinsurance.com, or mail a copy along with your contact information to IFA, 3505 E Royalton Rd, Suite 110, Broadview Heights, OH 44147. Our insurance experts will determine whether your landlord's requirements are met by the IFA program, and will contact you to inform you of your options.

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